3 Best tips on running a successful Restaurant

3 Best tips on running a successful Restaurant

Opening a Restaurant is one of the Most Wanted dream of start up and advance entrepreneur. However some people has done it very good and some people are not. Managing a restaurant involves many different aspects, including marketing, keeping fresh materials and inventory, customer service, and the list continues on and on….

Here are Three 3 tips you and your staff should know about running a good restaurant.

1. That Customer is ALWAYS RIGHT

The Golden rule of business is: The customer is always right. As much as you do not agree with customer’s complaint, the way you handle it will determine if he/she will come back or not. And remember, it is not only about they will comeback or not, it is also about how they will influence their friends and colleague about your restaurant.

2. ALWAYS present FRESH ingredients

Number one customer’s expectation coming to a restaurant is to have a positive different experience than their regular life. FRESH ingredient is the key to fulfill that expectation. It is important to invest on a good quality cooler and freezer in your restaurant.

3. Menu should be update regularly

Everybody loves to eat New Food. Not only they are happy, but they will most likely to recommend the new menu to their friends and social media. Updating your menu regularly is not only keeping the menu book look fresh, but can become a powerful FREE marketing tools to your restaurant.

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Good Luck with your Restaurant business!

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