Create your own opportunity with by opening your own cafe

Create your own opportunity with by opening your own cafe

Cafe industry in Cambodia is growing at a tremendous rate. Young generations tend to take their meal outside and carries habit of hangouts in cafe.

To start a cafe business is similar to starting a restaurant on a smaller scale. You may get fresh and new ideas by visiting other nearby cafes in your area. Take note on menu items, cakes, and drinks you want to carry. Don't forget to compose your own ideas on the decor, table arrangements and how the cafe will operate.

There are a few basic fundamental steps you need to consider:

1. Financing


The investment needed may vary from a few thousand to tens thousand of dollars. Use a savings or get a loan from your bank.

Make your business projection to calculate the return of investment, break event point and profit rate, and future business growth. A three years sales forecast will help you to see the business potential of the cafe.

2. Finding Suppliers

You may open your own brand cafe or buy a franchise. Both business model has its own advantages and disadvantages.Good suppliers is one of your most important asset on starting a cafe business. Equipment and raw materials suppliers are the backbone of your profitable business. Buying a good quality equipment might seems a little bit heavy on the beginning, but it will payback all the breakdown risk of choosing a low quality equipment.
Only chose a supplier that can give you an after sales WARRANTY. You do not want to loose your business even for one day due to the breakdown of your equipment. Or accidentally serving a sour milk on a coffee because of your cooler is broken. It's not only costing you the value of your income that day, but also affect your credibility and future repeat patronage from your customer.You may visit to see the range of good quality cooler product that comes with after sales warranty of 2 years.

3. Licensing

You may also need certain business licenses for your cafe. Check which business licenses officer at Ministry of Commerce of Cambodia.

4. Promotion

You will need to have a Marketing plan for your cafe. The easiest way is by distributing fliers on car windshields and at busy locations like grocery stores. Place ads in several coupon magazines, the ones that are distributed to people's residences. Advertise in both the print and online versions of your local yellow pages. Many people access the yellow pages when looking for a place to eat.

Those are some simple considerations before you open your future Cafe Business. Good luck with your new step of CREATING YOUR OWN OPPORTUNITY.




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  • Felix Hendrata